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Varekai (pronounced ver-ay-'kie) was the 14th Contemporary Circus production from Cirque du Soleil. The title of the show comes from the Romani Language meaning "whenever" and pays tribute to the "nomadic soul, the spirit of art of the circus tradition, and to those who quest with infinite passion along the path that leads to Varekai".[1]


The premise of the show is a re-imagining of the ending to the Greek Myth of Icarus. The story begins after Icarus is falling from the sky due to flying close to the sun. Instead of falling into the sea and drowning, Icarus falls into a lush forest at the summit of a volcano filled with exotic creatures.

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  • Icare (Icarus): Innocent and vulnerable, he finds himself wounded in an unknown world. His desire to live and overcome his fears will drive him to new heights and an eventual rebirth.
  • La Promise (The Betrothed): An exotic creature who enraptures Icarus with her sensual beauty. She will be his guiding light and he, in turn, will be the catalyst for her metamorphosis.
  • Le Guide (The Guide): Weathered by the sun of many centuries, he's like a kindly, fragile great grandfather. A wise old man whose mission is to inspire and bring about change.
  • La Vigie (The Skywatcher): Mad scientist and ingenious inventor, collector of the world's memories and interpreter of signs, this is a man who receives signals, transforms sounds and forewarns of trials and tribulations. [2]






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