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Paramour: Das Musical (formerly known as Paramour: On Broadway) or simply known as Paramour is a resident Cirque du Soleil musical theater production created and directed by Philippe Decouflé. Paramour is a collaboration between Cirque du Soleil and it's now-defunct theatrical subdivision Cirque du Soleil Theatrical.[1] Paramour premiered on Broadway at the Lyric Theatre on Broadway in New York City, NY.[2]

One year after the show's premiere, Paramour's Broadway production closed on April 16, 2017.[3][4][5] Paramour later restaged and premiered on April 15, 2019, at the Neue Flora Theatre in Hamburg, DE.[6]


Paramour was created by Philippe Decouflé, who was also director of the cinema-themed production Iris. After Iris had its final performance on January 13, 2013, scenes from Iris were incorporated into the production of Paramour.[2]


Set in the "Golden Age of Hollywood", Paramour follows the story of A.J. Golden, Indigo, and Joey Green.[7]

After firing his lead star Lila for being too distracted during filming, Hollywood director A.J. Golden is looking for a replacement for the lead role for his new film Paramour. With the advice from his personal assistant Gina, A.J. discovers a small-town girl named Indigo in a local speakeasy and makes her a big Hollywood name.[7]

Set and Technical Information[]


The stage for Paramour was designed by set designer Jean Rabasse. The stage and the set were inspired by art deco, a popular art style in the 1920s.

Costume Design[]

The costumes of Paramour were created and designed by costume designer Philippe Guillotel with the wigs worn by the performers were created by Josh Marquette.

For the makeup of Paramour, makeup designer Nathalie Gagné wanted a more natural "Broadway look" for the characters and performers.[8]


Paramour has a cast of 54 performers including 38 onstage performers, 15 actors, 23 acrobats, 4 understudies, and 11 musicians.[9][10]

  • A.J. Golden: A Hollywood director looking for his next big star for his upcoming film Paramour.
  • Indigo: A redheaded lounge singer looking for something more in life.
  • Joey Green: A piano player at an underground speakeasy. He is inspired by Indigo while writing his music and secretly is in love with her.
  • Robbie: The choreographer for A.J.'s film production.
  • Gina: A.J.'s personal assistant.
  • Lila: A actress fired from A.J.'s production for being too distracted during filming.

Musical Numbers[]

Act One

  • Hollywood Wiz ( Opening / Charivari ): AJ Golden is introduced in a musical number to which he wins the award for "Director of the Year" for his award-winning film Paramour.
  • Interlude - On Set: AJ Golden is filming his new motion picture, but the actress is distracted by her boyfriend. AJ seeks out a new actress for the lead role to his film.
  • Ginger Top ( Diabolos / Contemporary Dance ): With the recommendation from his assistant, AJ heads to a speakeasy to discover his new lead role Indigo.
  • Something More ( Singing ): Indigo yearns for a better life. AJ is mesmerized by Indigo and cast her for the lead role and the piano man Joey for the composer.
  • AJ's Blues ( Singing ): AJ explains his new film plot to Indigo and Joey.
  • The Muse ( Photographic Sequence ): Joey struggles to write new songs for AJ's film. The only inspiration for him to write is Indigo.
  • Interlude - Secret: To calm Indigo's nerves in front of the camera, AJ tells Indigo to think of a secret to keep her occupied.
  • Ballet / Precision Walking: In a scene transition, a group of performers precision walks while a couple dances ballet.
  • Serenade from a Window ( Cerceaux ): Joey meets Indigo outside her window.
  • The Honeymoon Days of Fame ( Poster Sequence ): Indigo stars in many Classic early films such as:
  • Interlude: Asking Out: Joey ask Indigo out for a date, but Indigo is too preoccupied with her newfound fame and the upcoming gala.
  • Cleopatra ( Hand To Hand ): Indigo stars in the 1963 movie Cleopatra.
  • Egyptian Gift ( Aerial Straps Duo ): A pair of twins given as a gift perform for Cleopatra (Indigo).
  • Help A Girl Choose ( Russian Bar / Lassoing / Teeterboard ): Due to the paint not drying fast enough on the Mata Hari and The Blue Angel posters, AJ decides to film his next film: Calamity Jane (1952). After filming, Indigo finds Joey writing a song not about any of the films she's starring in. The two start falling in love. AJ is upset by this.

Act Two

  • The Dream ( Juggling ): AJ has fallen asleep at his chair. He has a dream sequence of Indigo being depressed. As she sings out her feelings, a performer juggles hoop rings and an umbrella.
  • Revenge Fantasies ( Chinese Poles ): During the dream sequence, a group of zombies perform on a set of street lamps and kill Joey.
  • Love Triangle ( Adagio / Fixed Trapeze Duo ): AJ confronts Indigo about how she needs to focus on the film instead of Joey. Joey comes in and confronts AJ and Indigo about his love for her.
  • Writer's Block ( Cyr Wheel ): After Indigo chooses to marry AJ and decides to continue the film, Joey falls into writer's block.
  • Everything ( Coordinated Drones ): Indigo confronts Joey. She offers him song lyrics to his melody. She admits her love to Joey. They both agree to keep their love secret They celebrate their newfound love as coordinated drones fly above them.
  • Interlude - Press Tour ( Contemporary Dance ): As they travel across the country promoting AJ's and Indigo's wedding and the film, Indigo admits to the film staff that she truely loves Joey. Indigo and Joey decide to run away together.
  • NYC Rooftops ( Trampoline ): Joey and Indigo escape to the rooftops of New York. AJ's henchmen chase after Joey and Indigo.
  • Everything (Reprise): After the tragedy that happened on the rooftop, AJ admits he was wrong. Joey and Indigo sing together for the final time.
  • Reel Love ( Finale ): The cast takes the final bow.

  • Ginger Top ( Unicycle Duo / Contemporary Dance ): With the recommendation from his assistant, AJ heads to a speakeasy to discover his new lead role Indigo. A waiter dances with a speakeasy customer.

  • Music[]

    The music for Paramour was composed by Guy Dubuc and Marc Lessard (Bob & Bill) with lyracist Andreas Carlsson. The soundtrack is a mixture of jazz, swing, big band, show tune, bluegrass, and traditional pop.


    A.J. Golden

    • Jeremy Kushnier - April 16, 2016 to July 9, 2016 (Broadway)
    • Bret Shuford - July 10, 2016 to April 16, 2017 (Broadway)
    • Pasquale Aleardi - April 15, 2019 to July 14, 2019 (Hamburg)
    • Gian Marco Schiaretti - July 15, 2019 to Present (Hamburg)


    • Ruby Lewis - April 16, 2016 to April 16, 2017 (Broadway)
    • Vajèn van den Bosch - April 15, 2019 to August 31, 2019 (Hamburg)
    • Ann Sophie Dürmeyer - September 1, 2019 to Present (Hamburg)

    Joey Green

    • Ryan Vona - April 16, 2016 to April 16, 2017 (Broadway)
    • Anton Zetterholm - April 15, 2019 to Present (Hamburg)

    For more information on the songs featured in Paramour, please visit Paramour (Soundtrack).


    • To promote the premiere of Paramour, Ruby Lewis (actress of Indigo during Paramour's original Broadway run) sang "Paramour" on Cirque du Soleil's Dreamseeker float at the 89th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.[11]
    • During Paramour's Broadway run, the cast of Paramour performed "Hollywood Wiz" during the 90th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.[12]
    • Paramour is the first and only production created by Cirque du Soleil Theatrical before being combined with Cirque du Soleil's Resident Division in 2017.[1]



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