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Varekai2 Varekai2 21 June 2019

Cirque du Soleil Wiki: In A New Light

Hello everyone! 

My name is Varekai2 and I am the new admin for Cirque Wiki! :) I thought I would just introduce myself and how I discovered Cirque du Soleil. I also will to talk about how my role as an admin is going to make this wiki grow and where we go from here!

I have always been a Cirque fan since 2005 when I first discovered them through a Cirque du Soleil marathon happening on the television channel Bravo. It was New Years Eve and I was was channel surfing through the channels to find something else to watch besides the New York Time Square New Year's Ball dropping. I then stumbled upon the show Varekai being played on television. I was instantly glued to the television since I have never seen anything like it. The show was absolutely a…

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Kimberly AJ Kimberly AJ 19 February 2015

Animals in Alegría

In the city of Alegría, I was carrying some of my stuffed animals to the White Singer and I say to her, "So, you must be the White Singer from your show, mustn't you?" "That's right," she replies. "and I love to sing what's in my heart." After I introtuced myself, I show her my stuffed animals saying, "Here is Cuddles, my white bunny rabbit as my souvenir from Mt. Vernon, Virginia where George Washington used to live. I also showed this very same bunny to my very best Irish friend Chloë Agnew and she told me that she likes animals. And speaking of animals, I saw a really fluffy white real bunny rabbit in your film and it's one of the interesting things circus lovers have ever seen." "Oh, really?" smiles the White Singer. "I didn't realize …

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