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This article is about the 2019 reinterpretation of the show production Alegría. For the original 1994 show production, see Alegría. For the 1999 film adaption based on the Alegría story, see Alegria: The Film.

Alegría: In a New Light, also known as Alegría: The Return of an Icon, or simply Alegría, is the 2019 remounted reinterpretation of the 1994 show production Alegría directed by Jean-Guy Legault. Known as one of Cirque Du Soleil's most iconic production, which paved the way for Cirque's signature style and expansion[1], Alegría: In a New Light premiered on April 18, 2019, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada under the Grand Chapiteau for the 25th anniversary of Alegría.[2]

Changes from the original production[]

With the new revision of the 1994 show, Alegría: In a New Light has produced new costumes, a new stage design, a renewed Cirquish vocabulary, and new musical arrangements for the 2019 production.

Even though most of the characters from the original show have been brought over to the new production, the characters of Tamir and Little Tamir have been omitted.

Even with the slight changes to the new show, Alegría: In a New Light still retains its themes of "the quest for power", "the thirst for change", and "the triumph of light over darkness".[1]

Set and Technical Information[]


Unlike the previous incarnation of the show, which had a giant dome, decorated columns, and balustrades to represent, the new Alegría stage is modelled after a giant spiked crown. The stage is covered by an old tapestry with an old emblem on it to represent the previously abandoned kingdom. It is represented by a salamander: a symbol of the French Resistance and inspiration for the original set design for Alegría.

The stage is separated into three sections. The upper part of the stage represents the closed off World of the Monarchy. The middle part represents the Royal Court, and the lower half of the stage represents the Streets of Alegría.


The characters in Alegría comprise people of three separate groups: the Aristocrats, the Bronx, and the Angels.

  • Mr.Fleur: Following the mysterious disappearance of the king, Mr. Fleur pictures himself as the legitimate heir to the throne and clumsily tries to impose his authority. The old king’s fool, Mr. Fleur is a conceited, manipulative and unpredictable character forever caught in a tug-of-war between reason and unreason, between an overpowering urge to charm and a desire to control.
  • The Main Aristocrats: Their once splendid attire has become threadbare. On their faces, strangely distorted by the passage of time, one can see the fear of progress and the selfish desire for power. They include Damerino, Dame Marina, Molocolo, Dorso and Mazocasta
  • The Aristocrats: Strange heirs to power in this dusty and timeless world, the Aristocrats seek to retain their privileges by siding with the Fool; they aim to maintain the status quo at all costs and so avoid being swept away by the winds of change.
  • The Musicians: They provide the show's live music, dressed entirely in blue. They are part of The Aristocrats group.
  • Nymphs: The Nymphs personify the purity of youth. Graceful and delicate, they navigate the space between heaven and earth. They symbolize the dual forces at play in Mr. Fleur’s mind—reason and unreason, but also empathy and apathy—which fuel his quest for power. The first Nymph is known as Red Nymphe and the second one Blue Nymphe.
  • Bronx: The Bronx spring forth from the street. Fiery and full of energy, they try vigorously to defy the established order. Together, they will shake the pillars of power, lighting the spark that will trigger changes in the very heart of the kingdom. The Bronx offers a glimmer of hope in a world of gloom.
  • The Angels: With the distinctive golden star their wear on their solar plexus, the Angels embody the intangible wind of change, the inner transformations propelled by the desire for a better world. Imbued with humanity, these beings from the afterlife carry on their bodies the scars of their earthly life. With their mere presence, the Angels generate celestial energy that lifts the soul.
  • The Singers: Opposite yet complementary forces, the Singers in Black and in White are paragons of resilience. Together, they become an unstoppable, inspirational force in this realm longing for light and hope.
    • White Singer: The Singer in White is naïve, yet wise in the face of adversity. She is part of The Aristocrats but unlike the rest of her family, she wants the kingdom to change and improve.
    • Black Singer: The Singer in Black embodies commitment, tenacity and the indomitable power of hope. She has been tested and abused in life and is part of the Bronx family.
  • Clowns: At first Mr. Fleur’s allies, the Clowns also have fun at his expense. Brothers in humor, this pair of zany Aristocrats is at ease in this crazy environment and make light of any situation. Wielding the power of imagination and friendship, they both witness and comment on the profound changes at play in their world. Performed by:
  1. Pablo Gomis Lopez, Pablo Bermejo Medina (2019-Present)


  • Animation: Mr.Fleur, the Main Aristocrats and the Musicians walk among the audience while the show is being prepared.
  • Opening: The white singer sings while characters and acrobats run around the stage to welcome the audience to the world of Alegría.
  • Acro Poles: The Aristocrats, eternal masters of the established order, try to stay close to power in order to maintain their status. They flaunt their talent, hoping to convince the new king that change is unwelcome in the Kingdom… at least as far as they’re concerned. – Artists deftly manipulate the “pillars of power”—the traditional symbols of their supremacy—in a high-flying act combining Russian bars and banquine. In this innovative act, artists balance and bounce on poles normally used for pole vaulting, which are held horizontally, enabling flyers to execute a stunning aerial ballet above the catchers’ heads.
  • German Wheel: Shaking the foundations of the old order, a Bronx performs a number with a classic Cirque apparatus —the first physical manifestation that powerful forces of change are brewing at the very heart of the kingdom. – Using his own impetus to roll forward and backward, an artist becomes a human gyroscope as he performs fluid acrobatics inside and around the German Wheel.
  • Synchronized Trapeze Duo: The Angels arrive like a gust of fresh air in this crazy kingdom. – Perched on side-by-side swinging trapezes, two artists perform intricate spins and breathtaking manoeuvres in perfect sync. This swinging trapeze duo features new acrobatic ideas, using vertical movements and variations in the swinging axis.
  • Fire Knife Dance: An enthralling light surges from the hands of a Bronx and comes alive in an energizing rebirth. – An artist demonstrates complete mastery of his craft. He doesn’t juggle with fire; he IS fire. He eats, breathes, and touches the flames, while his sticks become virtual extensions of his body
  • Clown Act: Snowstorm: The journey of the two Clowns in exile through a frozen landscape ends in a dramatic blizzard.
  • Aerial Straps Duo: On a blanket of snow, an Bronx and an Angel—a harbinger of change—intertwine in this troubling world led by the confused Mr. Fleur. – Symbolizing the connection between earth and sky, an exceptionally dynamic aerial straps duo flutters in the after-storm as the aerialists separate and reunite in an embrace high above the stage, their bodies forming striking geometric patterns.
  • Hula Hoops: Out of this emerging new world appears a Bronx—a paragon of pure beauty—who sets out to mesmerize the kingdom with her talent. – Using all her limbs, indeed her entire body, an artist dazzles with her ability to spin and twirl a multitude of hoops.
  • Powertrack: In a burst of energy, the emerging movement takes the kingdom by storm, creating a breaking point, both literal and symbolic: the stage breaks open with a deep rumble that symbolizes the shaking of the foundations of the stuffy aristocratic order. – A group of tumblers brimming with talent and torque demonstrate their prowess as they soar into the air while executing dynamic gymnastic and tumbling displays in unison and in counterpoint, reaching astounding heights and speeds on two elongated trampolines that criss-cross at the center of the stage.
  • Hand to Hand: Two female performers demonstrate great strength, balance, and flexibility in this yin-and-yang hand-to-hand number in which the smaller of the two is flung into the air and does handstands on top of her partner’s upraised hands.
  • Flying Trapeze: The kingdom is rebuilt on new foundations as the two bearers of change—the Bronx and the Angels—come together as a brighter world emerges at last. – The trapeze are set close to 10 meters above the stage become the aerial playground for daring flyers (the Angels) who soar to and from the arms of mighty catchers (the Bronx), on the trapeze. These complex linkages in the sky require flawless coordination, skill, and timing. The breathtaking act culminates in an impressive leap into the net.

  • Hand balancing: An young female Angel performs handbalancing on canes.

  • Music[]

    Alegría: In A New Light Album Cover

    The music in Alegría: In A New Light contains new arrangements of the 1994 show Alegría. The newly arranged music was made by Jean-Phi Goncalves and originally composed by René Dupéré. A studio recording of the music used in Alegría: In A New Light was released on August 16, 2019.

    For further information on the songs featured in Alegría: In A New Light, please visit Alegría: In A New Light (Soundtrack).


    • Irene Ruiz Martin (2019 - Present)
    • Virginia Alves (2019 - 2021)
    • Cassia Raquel (2021 - Present)

    Touring Schedule[]

    Alegría: In a New Light premiered on April 18th, 2019 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is currently on tour under the new Grand Chapiteau tent "Sohïel".[3]

    The following color boxes indicate the region of each performance:
      EU  Europe   NA  North America   SA  South and Central America   AP  Asia/Pacific   OC  Oceania   AF  Africa

    2019 Schedule

      NA  Montreal, QC - From April 18 to July 21, 2019
      NA  Gatineau, QC - From August 1 to September 1, 2019
      NA  Toronto, ON - From September 12 to December 1, 2019

    2020 Schedule

      NA  Miami, FL - From December 13 to February 17, 2020
      NA  Houston, TX - From February 29, 2020 to April 12, 2020
      NA  Austin, TX - Cancelled
      NA  Chicago, IL - Cancelled
      NA  Washington, DC - Cancelled


    • The Crown stage has 120 spikes and 64 branches.
    • The vines on the Crown measure in a total of 975 meters (3198.8 ft) in length.
    • The curtain for the Crown stage was printed in Germany in a single pass. It was made on a giant seamless piece of fabric that measures 33.5 meters (109.9 ft) wide and 6 meters (19.6 ft) high.
    • Over 200,000 hours of work have been done on creating the costumes for the show
      • 300 hours have been spent on Mr. Fleur's costume alone and contains 5 meters (16.4 ft) of electric wire.[1]





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