• Hello Asteraw,

    I am the current administrator for the English Cirque du Soleil Fandom Wiki. I have browsed your wiki and I am super impressed by it!! I actually took inspiration from your wiki to help design my own. :) Hopefully one day my wiki will be as grand as this one!

    Anyway, since our wikis are on the same subject, but different languages, I was wondering if you or the other administrators of this wiki wanted to link our wikis together through Fandom's Interlanguage link?

    It will connect both of our communities together by leaving a selection for language at the top of our wikis for the user to choose from and redirect to the language they perfer.

    ​​​​​​​If you or the oterh administrators are alright with this, I'll send Fandom a request to link our wikis together.


    Anyway, thank you for reading and keep up the good work on here! :)

    - Varekai2

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    • Hello Varekai2, sorry for the late response but it was until now that I had time to login and update the wiki. I agree to link our wikis through Fandom's Interlanguage. Thank you for creating an english version of a Wiki Cirque, I'll be glad to help in your wiki too and help it expand and grow.

      - Asteraw.

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    • Hello again Asteraw!

      So the request to link our wikis together through Fandom's Interlanguage has been accepted! :) You should be able to add: "[ [en:] ]" (without spaces) to your main front page. :)

      I will start linking my pages to your pages on my wiki. If you need help with linking your pages to my wiki's pages, let me know. I'll be glad to help! :)

      - Varekai2

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